Eric was saved after hearing a Gospel message at the age of 9, but like many kids and teens growing up in church, when you have to make your faith your own, not all are successful out of the gate. The realities of the world overtook Eric after graduating from private Christian High School and entering into the secular work world that eventually lead him to repent, return, and dedicate his life to the Lord after over a decade of being away from faithful worship and serving. God has used this repentance and restoration to help Eric minister to church teens and adults with practical and real life examples.

Eric became a faithful serving member of Lighthouse Baptist Church, one of the most thriving and growing churches in San Diego for many years. For 14 years Eric has served as a Member at Lighthouse, and has served on unpaid pastoral staff there for nearly 8 years as the pastoral leader and teacher of the Married Couples Ministry and Director of Security Ministries. Eric is outstanding with practical pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, and is sought after for coordinating, emceeing and speaking at marriage conferences. Eric faithfully directed weekly military outreach at Lighthouse and has ministered personally to over 400 military and civilian married couples. Eric has also been involved in music ministry singing with choirs, group singing, and playing guitar. Eric has been a successful camp counselor working and involved in teaching Junior’s (3rd-6th), as well as inner-city teens, church teens, and adults of all ages.

Eric has an incredible secular work background in business and project management for nearly 30 years. Eric has worked major business corporations and headquarters like Target and Petco. Eric has recruited, hired, and managed over a thousand different employees. Eric still has an active 20 year decorated history in law enforcement. This diverse experience and background has given Eric the management and ministry skills to help strive for spiritual success by God’s power and to be able to do it with great personal integrity and character. Eric’s masterful and diverse background gives way to great understanding of those he is teaching and presents powerful and dynamic illustrations of biblical examples.

Eric has additionally served since 2011 in non-profit ministry at the Creation & Earth History Museum in Santee. Eric has also served since 2011 in Jewish evangelism with Israel Restoration Ministries. Eric is also the announcer on a national radio program called “Friendship with God”. Eric is also a Creationist speaker at the Creation & Earth History Museum teaching adults and children.

Eric holds a MBA in Business from National University, a BS Criminal Justice from San Diego State University, an AA Education from Grossmont College, a P.O.S.T. degree from Grossmont College, and holds a 4 year Biblical Ministry degree from the Lighthouse Bible Institute. Eric also continues to take college courses for continuing professional certification.

Eric is friendly, relates to all people, and has a diverse personal, business, and ministry background, and he and his wife Vivian desire to serve and help you in any way they can.